For more than 5 years, UnCommon Florals has been passionate about making sure flowers can brighten & bring beauty to any home in any season. With Marnie Common as Owner & Designer you can be sure no project is ever too small or deserves less attention.

I will always create your flowers as if they were for my own wedding & bring you...

                           Marnie C. 

Beauty That Can Last Forever

Owner & Flower Designer

FOr all occasions!

Birthdays, Mother's Day, Funerals, Valentine's Day, Easter, & of course Weddings...

How it All Began...

Free consult...

I offer a free  consult. It can be at my home,  YOUR home, or we can meet for coffee! No deposit needed to see samples of your flowers!

I'm not big on the whole put your FACE out there saying...I prefer to show off my flowers, I am.

Started my hobby/business in my late 30's, and still love creating every chance I get.

can you copy this?

It may not be an exact copy (my materials are a little different), but I do know that after it is done you will have the inspired look you were going for.

I moved to Calgary, Alberta at the beginning of 2008 from Sudbury, Ontario. Not because I didn't like it there but because I had fell head over heels for a man who worked with my mother out here. Yes mom found me my husband.

I was sick, he was poor and it didn't matter to us. 

I had Chronic Renal Failure for many years was on disability and when I moved here (no friends yet) I was bored. I started to sell AVON to meet people but needed something for my crafty fingers to do.

A search on the internet for paper flowers brought me to videos of NYLON FLOWERS!  I was intrigued and fell in love with what I could do with wire and nylon...

Wanting to share my passion of creating beautiful flowers I started selling them just as a hobby, then after many Bridal Shows and some Markets, I am now a small home-based business.